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The Print Room

A short story on the simple art of printing. Two years ago I ran madly into the world of printing my own work. But I had no printing table? Having no previous on making said units I thought what could go wrong. Wait for it. There are no tech plans out there to duplicate these (Old school dead art) Three months pass, I’ve given birth to a whole lotta love. But it turned out I’d put six drops of essence of terror into her DNA without realising. I’d made her from MDF. A catastrophic decision, Why? Moisture.. the creeping dread of printers. Fast forward to seven days ago. I started on the state libraries print thinking, piece-O-cake, NOT. Technically it’s difficult with my monster table spewing pustules of lumps and bumps. I needed help fast. I then called a friend in Brooklyn from Pegasus prints, Alison. She’s a killer printer and all round good egg. Prints for the biggest artists in America. Outlining my situ she nailed it straight away. My table needed a triple-bypass ASAP. My table died of roadkill, moisture had run her down. Ambient moisture in subtropical NSW murders MDF overnight. So a week of completely stripping it down and starting from scratch. “Grasshopper, when you can take the pebbles from my hand it will be time for you to leave” I got the stones dude. Here is the blackbird stealth fighter silkscreen printers table. MKII. Hardcore 17mm plywood with a night stalker coating. I’ve tested it, she flies undetected. Fly my pretties fly.



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