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Turning Legends into Icons

Article by John Moyle

9th March 2024

The Bainbridge interview. Thanks so much to John Moyle The Kings Cross superhero writer and journalist for his City Hub article on my work as a silkscreen printer. Here John helps me share my thoughts on the world of print. Using famous rock gods and personality makes me feel like an illustration groupie.

The Banshee

I have fan mail

Approved  ✅

17th Feb 2024

Wow !!! and wow!!! again, nothing like getting an endorsement by the lady herself and its  totally feeding my ego at the moment. 🥰


Debbie Endorsment
Jane & Isabella, blog

The Style Queen & The Starlet

At Home

31st Oct 2023

Two goddesses of chic, the fashionista & leading lady team up nicely in their new home.

What great way of finding inspiration in life and at work.


Isabella Blow

Isabella Blow

On the production line

5th July 2o23

The fashionista that is credited for discovering models Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl, as well as advocating the career of fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

She showed a natural sense of style with a cutting edge that was still entirely feminine.

This print of the style queen is now in production and off to fashionable home.

Test Print

Test Prints

New Digital Printer

31st March 2023

It took over a week filling in forms and trying to book in printers and toing and froing  with bots to find out that they were either on holidays or too busy to take on orders.

I was as happy as Larry when these test prints came in the mail and I found myself a great digital new printer. 



New Product line

7th March 2023

This came in the mail today.

Adding a new product line to the store, starting off with my Rock Star images,

I’m really happy with the quality of the T-Shirts and the digital print is great,

I need to do some tweaking here and there before I start to add them to the site.

Get Rocked at

Reviews, some kind words

You Lifted my Spirits Today. 

Some kind Words

10th Oct 2022

Thanks for taking the time in expressing your thoughts, I admire your mindset.

I needed it today.🙂

Harpers Illustration Sept 2022

The Creators

Contributors page of Harpers Bazaar 

25th Aug 2022

I made it to the contributors page of Harpers and started to ball rolling.

He's me along with some other great artist, photographers, writers, stylists and models that helped add there content to the mag.

Silly Walk

Me Going Silly

Having to wait

8th Aug 2022

I'm going mad having to wait to share some great news.

A project that has been close to my heart and one that I have been working on for a while is in motion and I'm close to sealing the deal.

I'm being restrained till then.

Hang Ten

Hang Ten

I'm drawing again

2o July 2022

Just completed the end of a mega long shift, three months of back to back printing along with eight pages of commissioned work with a high end fashion magazine, All done and dusted I'm back to dreaming.Tis the life. 

Illustration by Ed Roth

The Royal Treatment

I'llo My New Title

Harpers Bazaar

25 March 2022

I'llo, that's the term used by Harpers Bazaar for my new role as illustrator at large. So proud of my first publication and it's been awhile since my name was in print for a fashion mag.

In the April edition out today. My illustration of Prince Andrew and his saga re; all things Epstein. Article written by Dr Julia Baird the host of the ABC's The Drum. She also moonlights as editor at large for Harpers and is a contributor to the NYT's. Special thanks to Patty Huntington 💎 and the editor Jillian Davidson💕 for publishing my work.

Still being drawn into fashion.

Patrica Anderson

We Have Fan Mail 

Patricia Anderson 

14 February 2022

By one of the Australia's most respected art critics,

Patricia Anderson is the former editor of the bi-monthly journal Australian Art Review and owner of the Crawford Gallery  which has relocated to Canberra. She has written six books: three biographies of art world figures (Elwyn Lynn, Robert Hughes and Pat Harry), two volumes on contemporary jewellery, and one on Australian art world follies called Art + Australia: Debates, Dollars & Delusions.

She has taken the time out to comment about some of my latest work. ☺️

Some bad news

Some Bad News

Marrickville Art Gallery

23 May 2021

I’m sad to say that a long time dream of curating the Marrickville Art Gallery was delayed and now has been put indefinitely on hold.

Along with many other things due to covid -19 construction was delayed and although the project will still be completed there has been a restructure in the company to make new changes.

New works by silkscreen artist Peter Bainbridge Sydney Australia.

Stock Room

The Beatles

3 December 2020

New to the Stock Room is commissioned print 'The Beatles' by a long time devoted fan.

Available in stock January 2021

Dont Kill the Cross poster design by artist Peter Bainbridge

Don't Kill the Cross

Banner Design

19 Oct 2020


It once prided itself on being the nightlife capital of Australia, so when locals from Sydney’s Kings Cross banded together to protest a massive apartment development, there was singing, dancing and even a jazz saxophonist.

And here is me doing my bit plastering my Banners, Posters and Billboards to help save the iconic Cross

Please Read

Sold Brush Fire by Sydney print artist Peter Bainbridge

Black Summer

Brush Fire

15th March 2020


Inspired by the recent bushfires that rapidly spread across the countrys states is my print Brush Fire a tribute to all that were affected.

Sold in the first day of posting and off to a good home and close friends🍾

So we'er off to the print room then.

Novotel Hotel prints by Sydney silkscreen artist Peter Bainbridge

Room with a View 

Novotel Hotel, Darling Harbour

24 April 2019

This is the western outskirts of the Sydney central business district. The area contains a mix of shops, restaurants and attractions that includes the Sydney's Chinese Gardens, Sydney Maritime Museum and some of my artwork ' Bluefish'.


The Lounge Watson Bay Hotel prints by Sydney artist Peter Bainbridge

The Lounge 

Watson Bay Hotel

3 April 2019

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is an exceptional seaside destination with architecturally designed rooms boasting their own unique style and harbour views. 

Adding my artwork to finish off the setting nicely.


The Art Dealer in the making work by Peter Bainbridge Artist.


Work in Progress

29 November 2018

Work in progress, the raw materials to finish my new print run 'The Art Dealer' partially finished and waiting for completion then eventual making its way to Singapore.


How inks are made

How Inks are Made

Next on the list

15 Sept 2018

So happy with my new print room up and running and ready for production this could be the next step of the process.

Youtube video

A link to how inks are made


To busy printing

Out of the Office 

But no holiday

7 Sept 2018

Starting production of my latest hotel commission for the month of October. 

Highly motivated with my new print room / workshop ready to take on the the job.

At home and among some great artists. Print by artist Peter Bainbridge.

At Home

Private Collection

2 March 2018

Got the best spot in the room with 'Girls on the Beach', so happy to be surrounded with some other great works of art and I can see a Stephen Ormandy in the back.

I like this girls taste.

Ned Kelly silkscreen print in gold dust by artist Peter Bainbridge.

One Man Show

Production Pete

21 April 2018

Having a busy week with new orders coming in, deliveries going out and production in progress.

I know I'm not going to sleep, see my friends, or do laundry for a good several weeks.


The Felix Hotel at Sydney Airport. With images on 3D tri moving billboards from his Outlaw series of the Kelly Gang are on show at The Penhouse Suites exclusive niteclub.

3D Larger Than Life

Felix hotel Sydney

11 Nov 2018

The Felix Hotel at Sydney Airport. With images on 3D moving billboards from my Outlaw series of the Kelly Gang

Happy Mothers day Fairfax press release

Thanks Mum

Fairfax promotion

April 2018

To the woman who  inspired and influenced me and helpd guild me on my way. Thanks for the opportunity and the insite to see things as I do.  You deserve more than thanks and more than I could ever give and I am truly blessed to have had a wonderful mum. I miss you XXX OOO


Save the Cross poster design by Sydney artist Peter Bainbridge

Poster Design

New for Febuary

9 Feb 2018

Rally poster i did for the 'Save Kings X' from the Hong Kong style apartments, hotel owners are wanting to erect in Darlnghurst Road. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE, or better still come along to the event.



Gold leaf silkscreen print by artist Peter Bainbridge.

SOLD !!!

New for November

3 Nov 2017

And off to a prominent Melbourne art collector, adding to his collection of prints by Andy Warhol and Bill Henson. So happy it is going to a good home.

This work Private Eye (this series in hand inlaid 23ct gold leaf)

Framed by Tom Rennie at Erskinville frames.

View here



Having my say by Peter Bainbridge.

Having my Say

The Thought Behind the Work


My thoughts on the reality of my work.

The process, my inspirations, influences and the concept to its purpose.


Read it here



Peter Bainbridge, finalist in the New York Poster Challenge

Finalist in the New York Poster Challenge

Finalists aiming for the New York Poster Challange Prize 2017


So happy to say that I have been selected as one of the 10 finalist up for the Ney York Poster challenge prize. with my work "A Perfect Day". Voting is on every day to the 22nd Feb 2017 if you like my work and feel like supporting some Aussie Talent make it to the finish line  please click on the image on the side <<<<<<<<<< and vote for me.


Will update daily 

Came in 4th  "Wha hoooo" Thanks so much for all the support xxx  you lovlies.

BIG congrats' to Juan Luis Perez for comming in at first.🍾

Art to inspire, Fairfax press release Peter Bainbridge artist.

Some more good news to share

Financial Review January 2017


My work on display, up there with the big boys.

The Store by Fairfax

Fairfax press release Peter Bainbridge Artist.

Latest Press Release

Financial Review November 2016


Colour supplement on all things great and arty.

The Store by Fairfax

Peter Bainbridge talk back interview

Talk Back Interview 

My views a bit  about my thourghts 


A recent interiew from Angela Tandori.  Here's what I have to say on art and my latest collection Metalilca



Click here for the interview

Peter Bainbridge hotel commissions Le Grand Courtiou France.
Le Grand Courtiou

Commissioned Works


A luxurious farmhouse in the heart of Vienne.

There is a sparkling 15m inground pool which is perfect to laze around on a sunny day - or if you are felling energetic jump onto one of the bikes provided and cycle into nearby Lencloitre to buy a baguette.


Comfortably accommodating 10 people, the pool surounded by gardens in the summer and central heating with open fires for winter, make it the perfect holiday detination all year round.


The South Loire Valley is just over half an hour away, the stunning Chateaux and wineries of the region are an easy drive. There are English/French speaking caretakers living on site in seperate accommodation who are more than happy to advise on local markets and places to visit.



Temple & Webster all about the home.
Temple & Webster

The Australian Art Series


Temple & Webster is all about the home.

Our aim is to inspire you to create beautiful spaces in your home with the best of Australian and international design, beautifully priced. Temple & Webster shares the stories behind the brands and the designers to build a unique elegant shopping experience by bringing you these stories we take you behind the scenes beyond the exclusive sales event, with a fresh engaging outlook to inform, entertain and inspire.

Olsen & Irwin Gallery, Peter Bainbridge Artist exhibition

Olsen & Irwin

Exhibition Woollahra Gallery


Peter Bainbridge exhibited at Olsen & Irwin Gallery Wollaraha New South Wales.

October / November 2015



63 Jersey Road

Woollahra NSW 2025

(02) 9327 3922


Fairfax media publication. Peter Bainbridge Artist
Press Reviews

Financial  Review Magazine July 2014


Article on Peter Bainbridge Ned Kelly series, written by Stephen Todd.



Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly paintings of 1947-48 are a linchpin of modern Australian art, with all but one of the 27 on permanent display at the National Gallery of Australia. Brave then the contemporary artist who appropriates such sacred imagery. artist Peter Bainbridge is nothing if not courageous. He's been reconfiguring Noland's Kelly for now, bringing into play a riot of Australian references including kangaroos and cave painting, mixed them with a kind of hip-hop graphic sensibility that updates the aesthetic of that most notable of American cinematic artists, Saul Bass. Bainbridge has printed his Neds on fine French paper in limited editions of 15.



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