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Going bush again

This time with another naughty Australian bush ranger Ben Hall. He was said to have taken up bushranging at the age of 22, in 1861, after two wrongful arrests and 'to meet the man who ruined his happiness' when his wife ran away with a former policeman. After a wrongful arrest, on suspicion of being an accomplice of bushranger Frank Gardiner, he spent four or five weeks in the lockup until he was released due to lack of evidence. A second arrest when he was mustering his horses also foundered due to lack of evidence.When Hall returned to Wheogo, after the second wrongful arrest, he was devastated to find that his house had been burned down and his stock lay dead, perished in the yards for lack of water - the sliprails had not been dropped by the arresting officers. This shocked the other settlers who remained sympathetic.Not long after that, Hall joined up with Frank Gardiner and his gang who robbed from Yass to the Wedden Ranges. As Australian-born men, they had excellent knowledge of the country and were known as great horse riders.

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